Our cafe is located in the center of the city, which is convenient because it is a place where you can relax after a tiring day, relax on soft couches, hookah, or just...

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Our hookah bar SULTAN is a favorite place of our youth, where we tried to create a piece of the East.The walls are hand-made, round trestle-beds,drapes and...

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Dear guests, we are pleased to welcome you to our salon! We offer you the full range of services for the health and beauty of all kinds hairdressing, beauty procedures...

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We are pleased to introduce our gym featuring new fitness equipment firm MBbarbell. At the entrance you will be met from our girls bar-shop where you ...

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Hookah bar

Our hookah bar SULTAN is a favorite place of our youth, where we tried to create a piece of the East. The walls are hand-made, round trestle-beds, drapes and of course hookah helps you forget about all the problems and to experience the culture of the East. There are no strict rules and ceremonial pomp associated with smoking hookah, but the most important thing in a hookah bar SULTAN no hookah man only real "shamans"! It Shamans hookah bar SULTAN with pleasure offer shisha for every taste, color, odor and mood, take into account all the wishes and even the boldest imagination! Our shaman knows how to cook right hookah, how often should you change the angle which need water and which are suitable for Smoke Blends quiet rest, relaxation and immersion in a harmonious world of flavors, and what better to smoke in the company friends, funny releasing smoke rings ... Hookah card consists of more than 50 mixes More than 20 flavors of tobacco! In this guest can not stop at anything in particular, and to ask Shaman do "something summertime", "something sweet" or "Something strong" In any case, a trip to the country hookahs will be enjoyable!In a hookah bar SULTAN You can relax on the trestle-beds, leaning on cushions or on soft sofas, delighting his ear serene music, and his soul with a meeting with a mysterious culture of the East,which is so nice and has taken root in our country, culture hookah smoking! Hookah bar SULTAN-feel like a sultan!